Posted on 17-01-2012

these lovely present we got: Liberty rabbit baby shoes :heart:

the polaroids from Max Wanger


this very promising movie :heart:

the new Mulberry campaign by Tim Walker


the summer 2012 collection from Carven

some chocolate cupcakes I made :heart:

cute wedding cake toppers from thesmallobject


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Posted on 22-11-2011

these Milk bags from Olympia Le Tan

the children’s book illustrations from Kirstie Edmunds

my new Karl Lagerfeld glittery snow globe

inspiring colour combinations  – here

these animal ornaments – here

kitschy portrait paintings like this one – here

baking a cheesecake

waiting for this Eames documentary to be released

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Posted on 05-10-2011

Stumbling through Ana Montiel’s blog I found this inspiring little treasure.
Busby Berkely’s choreographies make me absolutely speechless and his wonderful kaleidoscopic sceneries makes me want to time travel and be a glamourous chorus girl back in the Hollywood studio era… I am starting to think about baking and decorating a kaleidoscopic cake as well…hmmmm… :heart:

Busby Berkeley going through the roof – watch the whole documentary here

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a lovely present I got from NY. Gracias, Vero :heart:

loving the new necklaces from Denise Reytan :heart:

watching the witches of Eastwick and loving the styling…

some cupcakes I made for La chica del flequillo :heart:

the Karen Walker Spring/Summer 2012 show

Flavoured cheese pencils – such a good idea  – here

The lovely lookbook of Pugnant

Vincent Gallo for G-Star :heart:

amazing wallpapers from Studio Ditte

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Posted on 14-06-2011
some wedding cupcakes I made :heart:

a lovely new collection from Brooklyn based revisited

this inspiring movie via this lovely blog

finding a beautiful sideboard in a thrift shop :heart:

the illustrations of Sara Soderholm

jollygoo – a beautiful blog (and zine) about life in Tokyo :heart
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Posted on 14-02-2011

the inspiration board for Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere movie (which I loved bye the way)

some mixed cupcakes I made for a birthday party :heart:

Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci in Buffalo66

the new fall collection from one teaspoon

eating the first ice cream this year. source

practicing for the perfect 60’s cat-eyes make up source

Kirsten Dunst for the new Band of Outsiders campaign

impatiently waiting for this documentary movie to arrive to Spain

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making a “welcome to Barcelona” cake :heart:

these beautiful space inspired necklaces by Après Ski

watching this incredible “White Stripes” documentary

being able to participate again – in the next edition of Festivalet in Barcelona

this beautiful editorial shot by Mariana Idzowska and styled by Ornella Jong

great sewing machine illustrations by Miyuki Sakai thank you, Denise

lovely gloves from Topshop

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