Posted on 17-10-2011
a traveller’s birthday cake I made recently :heart:


beautiful pinatas from Confetti System – found here


Chanel’s shade parade


Maia Flore’s sleep elevations


this cute mini chair I got from a lovely friend :heart:


my new Topshop boots


remember a beautiful trip I made last year to Poland. I miss travelling…


The new Lula Magazine  Issue 13 – picture source
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these yummy knitted cakes  – source

the new catalogue from Sessùn

missing these little strawberries, we used to have in our garden in Germany – source

this video from Marie Claire China :heart:

this bow in Dansk magazine #26
this amazing Miu Miu glitter shoe inspired cake – here

finding this happy egg in the streets of Madrid :heart:
the Martha Stewart cookies application for Iphone/Ipad

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these bunny slippers  - here
beeing excited  about the “a shaded view of fashion” festival in Barcelona

cute stationary form Belle & Boo

when your cheese sandwich smiles at you… :)

great new autumn/winter looks from Topshop

starting the day with a fresh pressed juice on the way to work :heart:
some “cars” cupcakes I made for a cute kids birthday party

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a mod birthday cake I made :heart:
the Hello Sandwich Letter Set
the new Miu Miu campaign, shot by Bruce Weber

Opening the most beautiful Surprise Ball, by Gina Namkung from Misako Mimoko on Vimeo.

great illustrations by Yours, Roxanne

the beautiful new collection from Marianne Krauss

spending some days in my hometown in the Black Forrest :heart:

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a broccoli tree house - here

great editorial for Vogue Italy shot by Alvaro Beamud Cortes

a Red Velvet birthday cake I made :heart:
watching this Marianne Faithfull documentary

the toy photography from Mikel and Edel

petal tea via lolitas

new golden nail polish from H&M
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Posted on 14-02-2011

the inspiration board for Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere movie (which I loved bye the way)

some mixed cupcakes I made for a birthday party :heart:

Vincent Gallo and Christina Ricci in Buffalo66

the new fall collection from one teaspoon

eating the first ice cream this year. source

practicing for the perfect 60’s cat-eyes make up source

Kirsten Dunst for the new Band of Outsiders campaign

impatiently waiting for this documentary movie to arrive to Spain

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beautiful, dreamy editorial by Harper Smith for Factory / Winter 2010

trying out new recipes – these are Baileys and almond Muffins :heart:

wishing I could own these perfect leather bags from MYSUELLY

my new handmade crochet peas from Ohioja

watching great videoclips like this one from  Barcelona’s Canada production company

these hidden animal teacups – here

rediscovering old Levis commercials from the early 90’s :heart:

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Lara Stone by Alasdair Mc Lellan in Vogue UK November 2010

these Bailey & Coffee cupcakes with dog footprints I made

finding out that Pulp is having a comeback – in Barcelona!

drinking lots of coffee and still feeling sleepy – image via Julie Morstad

streetart from Sandrine Estrade Boulet

eating the last 2 pieces of this cute chocolate from Japan :heart:

the new Isabel Marant lookbook, shot by Karim Sadli

IKEA – Homemade is Best. from Forsman & Bodenfors on Vimeo.

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Posted on 07-10-2010

a lovely chalkboard from blissinateacup I just ordered in Etsy

the new Filippa K campaign by Camilla Akrans

a beautifully set up birthday table for cute Leon, I made a cake and cupcakes for :heart:
Thank you for the picture Jess

beautiful red hair on Stockholm Streetstyle

the worlds smallest stop motion movie :heart:

the super cute kid of photographer Kotori Kawashima.

great bi-coloured hair in Another Magazine Fall /Winter 2010

lovely idea – give your plastic lunch bags a make-over with felt pens.via Señorita Lauris

beautiful flower arrangements by studio choo

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Posted on 02-10-2010
Filed Under (cakes, cupcakes, lovely things, movies, muffins, ♥ Videos) by jenny

Although I am a bit embarrassed to see/hear myself in a video, I had to show you this lovely short documentation the great team of Bvisio filmed with me for their website.(Sorry, it’s just in Spanish). Have an amazing weekend :heart:

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